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3D forum - online stereoscopic forums

This overview contains every important online stereoscopic 3D forum. Check the descriptions and then choose your forum. Just sign in and discuss stereoscopic 3-D.

3D Forum Photography
The 3D Forum Photographie is a stereoscopic 3D forum not only about 3d photography. You can also discuss 3d video, stereoscopic software and different 3D techniques. There is a marketplace for new and used 3D equipment and you can also find some 3D images.

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3D Forums
This stereoscopic 3D Forum is about all main 3D related topics. That includes 3D TV sets and 3D Channels, 3D movies und stereoscopic 3D games. You can also discuss 3D cameras, 3D photos und stereoscopic 3D software.

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Photo 3D Yahoo Group
This group is for discussion of true 3D (stereoscopic) imaging, both film and digitally based. Computer generated 3d imaging is included, if it results in stereoscopic (two eyed) depth representation.

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Guru 3D
In this stereo gaming section you can discuss everything 3D Goggles, monitors their drivers and graphics cards related.

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