Stereo 3d rigs

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During the past decades it was quite usual to build special camera rigs for every project. That was necessary due to the lack of standard 3d rigs. To produce a whole series of rigs would not have been a lucrative deal.

Nowadays it is quite different. The 3D digital cinema boom lead to a construction boom of modern 3D rigs, many of them for universal usage. Today there are dozens available on the market - more or less commercialized.

On the following pages you will find the todays leading commercial made 3D rigs. These different side-by-side and mirror rigs are sorted alphabetically by the manufacturers brand name.

If you click at any of the brand names above you will get information about their entire lineup of 3D rigs. It is not a deep look into details but more of an overview. More information you can find at the website of each manufacturer.