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3D News - the newschannel on Stereo-3D-info

Stereoscopic news deal with interesting stereoscopic reports including new 3D cameras, 3D displays, 3D-TV and many more S3D relevant developments and trends.

MasterImage3D invalidates RealD Patent in China
November 20, 2015
In May 2015, the Chinese Patent Re-examination Board declared that RealD's Chinese utility Model patent is invalid as a whole. The Chinese PRB agreed with MasterImage's claim that RealD's patent lacked inventiveness and therefore did not meet the requirements for patent protection. It is MasterImage 3D's second victory after successfully invalidating RealD's utility model patent in Russia in 2014.

name change for German "3D Innovation Center"
October 07, 2014
Starting out as the 3D Innovation Center in 2012 the scope was officially extended in September 2014. The 3D Innovation Center is now called 3IT - INNOVATION CENTER FOR IMMERSIVE IMAGING TECHNOLOGIES. It is still located in the same facilities in Berlin, Germany. From now the whole field of immersive imaging technologies, including 3D technology, UHD, HDR, HFR and VR is covered.

3D once again may have staged a revival
June 25, 2014
The epic stereoscopic movie “Gravity” is credited making 3D popular again. 3D Box office contribution has increased in recent months due to Gravity and some other 3-D movies like “The Wolverine” and “World War Z".

Chinese lander explores moon in stereoscopic 3D
December 28, 2013
Chinese rover "Yutu" (jade rabbit) landed on the moon. The rover has two panoramic cameras as well as some others that can capture stereoscopic 3D images.

The BBC suspends 3D programming for an indefinite period
July 17, 2013
Kim Shillinglaw, the BBC's head of 3D, said it has "not taken off" with audiences who find it "quite hassly". In an interview she said: "I have never seen a very big appetite for 3D television in the UK."

Philips and Dolby introducing new 3D HD System Dolby-3D
May 01, 2012
Dolby Laboratories and Philips Electronics cooperate to introduce a suite of technologies designed to deliver full HD 3D content to 3D-enabled devices.

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Meduza Titan 3D camera utilizing Technica Hand Controller
April 14, 2012
The Meduza Camera System internally incorporates the motor drive unit of the 3ality Technica Hand Controller for Interaxial, Convergence, Focus, and Iris control.

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LG 3D TV set

Doremi stereoscopic test pattern generator
March 05, 2012
The Generation3D is a 3D test pattern generator featuring a pre-loaded internal 3D test pattern as well as custom user generated 3D test patterns.

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Tektronix 3D waveform monitor
January 15, 2012
Tektronix unveils 3d stereoscopic capable waveform monitor WFM8300 for broadcast 3D production.

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Tektronix WFM 8300 3D-Waveform Monitor

LG to launch a new series of high quality 3D displays
January 15, 2012
All the big display manufacturers have a wide choice of 3D stereoscopic displays in their range of products. Among them LG Electronics is one of the leading innovators.

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LG 3D TV set

First autostereo S3D production field monitor
October 07, 2011
Professional S3D productions displays are nothing new. But now Marshall Electronics released the first autostereo 3D-fieldmonitor.

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Marshall Electronics OR70-3D

London 2012 Olympics to be shot in S3D
August 20, 2011
As already happened at the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa the upcoming Olympic Games 2012 in London will also be broadcast in stereoscopic 3D. This time Panasonic helds the technical partnership in terms of S3D and plan to bring in their 3D-camcorders 3DA1 and 3DP1.

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brand new 3D camcorder by Sony
4th june 2011
Being the first 3D-cam of the NXCAM series, sony introduces the HXR-NX3D1 this summer. It comes with two lens and two sensors, recording the two seperate FULL HD streams into one single file. To achieve this, Sony utilizes the multiview codec based on AVCHD.

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Sony NX 3D1

3D suitable 8K-CMOS digital cinema camera
15th may 2011
Sony introduced the new Cinealta F65 camera for shooting 3D in digital cinema quality.

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GoPro goes 3D - new action cam 3D kit
3rd april 2011
GoPro 3D Kit GoPro is well known for its little but stable HD cameras used in all sorts of action shots. They now developed a 3D set, which is basically a housing which takes two HD Hero cameras at the same time. In order to reach a small stereo base one camera is turned upside down.

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new LG Honeycomb-Tablet comes with 3D camera
15th february 2011
New on the market, the Optimus v900 is more lightweight and handy than Apples iPad oder Motorolas Xoom. Its 7 inch display delivers a resolution of 1280x768 pixels. The tablet is using Android 3.0 (called honeycomb).

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3D Tablet LG Optimus 900 includes 3D camera

Stereo 3D gaming console
15th january 2011
brand new Nintendo 3DS Nintendo is a major japanese manufacturer of computer games and hardware. They are releasing a new mobile console called 3DS. It is able to play 3D content. The user wont need special eyewear, since the 3DS accommodates an autostereoscopic display.

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JVC 3D camera
10th january 2011
JVC now also has announced a 3D camcorder. The GS-TD1 will be available in March 2011 and cost about 2000 Euro. Sony will come out with a 3D camcorder as well very soon. Being first of all, Panasonic released such a digital compact 3D camcorder already six months ago.

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JVC Camcorder GS TD1

Sony Bloggie 3D
6th january 2011
Sony Bloggie 3D CES 2011 in Las Vegas has many news about Stereo 3D. Sony showed up with Bloggie 3D MHS-FS3, a handy 3D pocket camcorder. The device is kind of a little 3D webcam to go.

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Sony Consumer - 3D-Camcorder HDR-TD10
5th january 2011
Similar to its competitors Panasonic and JVC, Sony strongly wants to participate in the new 3D market and announced the new 3D camcorder on CES 2011 in Las Vegas.

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Sony 3D camcorder HDR TD10

Rollei 3D-photo camera
23rd december 2010
Rollei Powerflex - digital 3D stills camera Rolleis new Powerflex 3D is a bit smaller than Fujis Real 3D W3. Other than Fuji, Rolleis still camera does not have zoom lens. Instead they use prime lenses with a focal length of 50mm equivalent. The minimum stereo distance to close objects is at about 1.5 meters.

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