Books and Infos about Stereo 3D have been rare. Even today it can be hard to find suitable information and fundamental knowledge on 3D. Here are the most important and interesting books existing today.
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Holger Tauer


2010 | Flagge deutsch                                                            facebook  

Being the most up to date book on that topic, "Stereo 3D" very fast became the german reference book in terms of stereoscopic 3D. For everyone dealing with 3D in a professional manner this book is the must-have tool. Stereographer and author Holger Tauer explains the basics of human vision and then describes the whole process of how to capture, edit and playback 3D images. Each of todays modern 3D technologies is included and there are no questions left. Rich in illustrations and photographs the book contains about 550 high quality pages.

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Gerhard Kuhn

Stereofotografie und Raumbildprojektion

1999 | Flagge deutsch                                                                    

For any 3D enthusiast and 3D photographer this book is a must have. German Gerhard Kuhn explains the secrets of taking 3D images and projecting them in best quality. He is using many examples and illustrations to make the whole thing clear. The book is only available in german language.

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Bernard Mendiburu

3D Movie Making

2009 | Flagge englisch                                                                    

As one of the first Bernard Mendiburu ist writing about stereo 3d in its new meaning. Based on his post production experiences on "Meet the Robinsons" he describes the modern way to handle 3D images. First time in a book he explains modern techniques like the floating window which are only ossible since there is digital film post production. The book is sometimes called a "3D bible" and should not be missed by anyone interested in Stereo 3D.

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Lenny Lipton
Foundations of the Stereoscopic Cinema

1982 | Flagge englisch

Anyone having a serious interest in 3D should read this reference book. Long time expert Lenny Lipton explained the foundations and basics of 3D. This book is from the early 80ies but still has big value. It is not published anymore but you can download a free copy from here


Bernard Mendiburu

3D TV and 3D Cinema

2010 | Flagge englisch                                                                    

The second and more actual book on stereo 3D written by Mendiburu he got two helping hands: french 3d guru Yves Pupulin and american Steve Schklair of 3ality Digital. The book goes into details in terms of human perception and all the modern 3D production technologies both for 3d cinema and 3dtv.

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Bruce E. Goldstein

Wahrnehmungspsychologie: Der Grundkurs

2007 (7.Auflage) | Flagge deutsch                                                  

This book is one of the best in terms of human perception. All facettes of senses are described and explained. Human vision is only a part of the book but it goes deep into the details and you won´t miss any information. Written for professionals in that field this book is not easy to understand for ordinary people.

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R.M. Hayes

3-D Movies

1998 (Neuauflage) | Flagge englisch                                               

This book is about history of stereoscopic cinema. It has many interesting facts about that but there are also a few mistakes found by reviewers Still that book has one of the most comprehensive overviews on 3D films. All movies produced up to the books publishing date are included.

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Ray Zone

Stereoscopic Cinema and the Origins of 3-D Film

2007 | Flagge englisch                                                                    

Well known comic artist and film hitorian Ray Zone explored the history of 3D film quite intensive. For that he is using any information, is it a scheme, photos, artifacts or a patent specification. The book is not to use for modern stereo 3d filming but more for people who want to gain more knowledge about theory and history of 3D.

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Ray Zone

3-D Filmmakers

2005 | Flagge englisch                                                                    

Very interesting in this book Ray Zone interviewed 21 persons out of different areas of 3d film production. You will learn interesting facts about 3D movies of different decades. In the book there are producers, directors, DoPs and script authors being interview, all dealing with 3D images.

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