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Stereo-3D, also known as S3D, is an abbreviation for "stereoscopy" and basically stands for human 3d vision.

In the last couple of years Stereo 3D has gained a lot of popularity. Being a special division of photography for a long time, S3D now changed into a modern part of film and TV. That leads to the development of new technologies and it also affects many creative aspects of filming.

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children with 3D-glasses
   3D is one of the fastest growing technologies.
When Avatar hit the screen in 2010
interest in 3D grew rapidly and eventually
started a hype on 3D all over the world.            learn more...


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The Stereoscopic 3D Website

For any 3D enthusiast Stereo-3d-info.de is the place to be. Find information about special topics such as 3D-Cinema, 3D-camera rigs and even 3D TV. Beside the basics, special knowledge and background information, there is also a news part keeping you up to date on the latest developments in S3D.

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