How does Stereo-3D actually work?

Human beings have two eyes which are aligned horizontally side by side. So they see the world in two slightly different perspectives, 3D. Therefore in video Stereo-3D there needs to be two cameras or image sensors also mounted horizontally side-by-side. The transmission and postproduction must be done parallel for left and right images. Finally when projecting, it is necessary to bring each of the seperate images to the corresponding eye.

Foto 3D Brille There are Stereo-3D systems that have no need of two cameras or two projectors. Even though the 3D effect is the same. In these settings the two images for left and right are just transfered simultaneously over one channel. At the end of the stereo 3d workflow there always has to be two separate images, one for each of the left and the right eye.

The popular expression "3D" is often somehow unclear since it can be used for pseudo-3D images as in computer graphics as well as for real S3D. For a long time it was just an attribute of graphics software and computer games, to give us a third dimension instead of two. This includes mainly the use of perspective and other monocular depth cues. Exceptions include graphic cards like a few nVidia cards, being able to play real stereoscopic 3D.

and what is Stereo-3D exactly ?

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