The 3D photo gallery

To view these 3D images you do need 3D glasses. All photos are done in red cyan anaglyph. These standard glasses are widespread and especially in cardboard version really cheap.
Btw: Plastic glasses usually have much better filters and therefore dont suffer to much of ghosting. But they are a bit more expensive than cardboard glasses. A collection of different types of 3d glasses is available here.

view on Seoul in Korea                         Halong bay in Vietnam

beach in Thailand                         light painting with a torch

smokey Arenal vulcano 3D in Costa Rica                         asian pumpkin field in Japan

somewhere in the jungle of central america                         fruit stand in Santiago de Chile

Ford automobile in 3D at Florida USA                         mountain range in 3D

alligators at the Everglades                         Hong Kong Airport - flying to Cebu in the Philippines

green plant in Chapada Diamantina of Brasil                         Telescope overviewing Santiago de Chile and the Andes

sea turtles nest at Naples Beach in Florida                         fruit stand in Montevideo the capital of Uruguay

Krokodile im nördlichen Australien                         electric meter in Japan

street in Thailand                         inside a cave

chinese terracotta warrior                         japanese platelets

seagulls at the baltic sea                         famous Gewandhaus of Leipzig in Germany

beachwalk in Warnemunde                         ghost forest near Bad Doberan

mountain range in Iran                         light falls in a cambodian temple

dawn in rural cambodia                         tracks of famous Molly train