photobooks and image books in stereo 3d

A handful of nice stereo 3d photo books is being available on the market. They have wonderful imagery on special topics and often interesting texts about the technique as well. Usually they include suitable 3D glasses, most likely anaglyph glasses in red-cyan. Prism glasses are less used. In a few books the reader has to use the stereo view e.g. "cross eye".

Mars 3-D: A Rover's-Eye View of the Red Planet

2009 | Flagge englisch | red-cyan                                        

What would it be like to visit Mars—to explore the distinctive, untouched terrain that inspired astronomers and stirred so many sci-fi writers’ imaginations? Two highly capable robotic geologists—Spirit and Opportunity—made that amazing voyage, and spent the last four years roaming the Red Planet’s unique landscape. Thanks to 120 stunning 3-D and color images shot by these rovers, we can come along—and right now, it’s the closest we can get to actually setting foot on Mars. Featuring a fold-out flap with embedded 3-D viewer (which actually allows customers to view the three-dimensional images right in the store), it’s the perfect gift for any armchair astronomer. There is also text in the book which gives you interesting insider information about the problems during the mission.

Moon 3-D: The Lunar Surface Comes to Life

2009 | Flagge englisch | red-cyan                                        

Following the release of Mars 3-D comes a stunning three-dimensional tour of our celestial neighbor. Astronomer Jim Bell flies readers to the Moon, just in time to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin’s famous first steps on the lunar surface. After a series of brief essays explaining the history and future of lunar exploration, the volume launches into a spectacular showcase of the best 3-D images available, taken by both robotic and human exploration missions; the pictures shot by the Apollo astronauts on their Moon walk receive special attention. In addition, an artistic selection of non-3D photos appears throughout, along with conceptual designs for future moon-based adventures.

Die Welt der Berge in 3-D

2010 | Flagge deutsch | red-cyan                                        

This 3d photo book takes you all the way up to the summits of the european alps. Stunning views and beautiful landscape images all done in 3D make you feel like being there. You become a rock climber yourself when watching the images. The adventure gets complete when you also discover animals and people living in this amazing environment. 3d glasses included.

Die Tiere Afrikas in 3-D

2007 | Flagge deutsch | red-cyan                                        

Wild animals of Africa in 3D is a photo book with loads of unseen 3d images. The photographer Benny Rebel undertook several expeditions to the black continent and took 3D pictures using a unique technology especially developed. When watching the images you can literally feel the danger and fascination of Africas wildlife.

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Berlin zum Greifen nah: Ein Jahrhundert in 3-D

2006 | Flagge deutsch | red-cyan                                        

This book takes you back in time to see old Germanys capital Berlin at the time of the emperor. Incredible images taken by 19. century photographers show heaps of interesting places and happenings in 3D. The journey then goes through 3rd Reich and leads you to the time the wall came down into modern Berlin including images of the world famous love parade. Erything is in 3D - the glasses are included.

Zeppeline in 3-D - Stereofotos der frühen Luftschiffe

2010 | Flagge deutschFlagge englisch | red-cyan                                  

Historical 3D photos let you have a look into the past - the time of the flying cigars. The book includes photographies of zeppelin airships. The pictures are historical: they reach from the beginning of zeppelin construction up to the 1st world war. These book is published by zeppelin experts from the museum in Friedrichshafen.

Hamburg in 3-D Historische Stereofotos von Hamburg

2010 | Flagge deutschFlagge englisch | red-cyan                                  

Hamburg as it was 150 years ago. In this photo book you will find historical photos of the old german port city. Many of the sites have been destroyed during the world war. But you can still explore them in plastical 3D. The pictures are taken between 1862 and 1910. You can compare the original old stereo pairs with anaglyph images - they are both to be seen in the book.

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Rheinland in 3-D. Historische Stereofotos entlang des Rheins

2010 | Flagge deutsch | red-cyan                                        

Another beautiful photo book of historical 3D images is this one giving you an insight view in the Rhine valley of 19. and 20. century. The places span between Mainz and Cologne and there are images of rivers (Rhine, Mosel, Lahn and Ahr), castles and little towns. It is a must see for anyone who likes gorgeous landscapes and romantic scenes in stunning 3D.

London in 3D: A Look Back in Time

2009 | Flagge englisch | cardboard-stereoscope                           

Here is London circa 1850s-1930s come to life again in rare original three-dimensional photographs: views of Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London and the famous Beefeaters, nighttime on the Thames, Petticoat Lane, the Tower Bridge-and London Bridge when it was still alive and thriving in London. On the first pages of the book there is a little introduction in how 3D works.

New York City in 3D: A Look Back in Time

2009 | Flagge englisch | cardboard-stereoscope                           

Old New York lives and breathes once again in these rare original three-dimensional photographs, showing the city we love at its nostalgic best. Here are the first skyscrapers, the old street markets, the wharves, street cars and elevated trains, and our New York ancestors at work and play. There is a build in stereo viewer. On the first pages of the book it is explained how to use it and there is a little introduction in how 3D works.

Das magische Auge. Jubiläumsausgabe

2004 | Flagge deutsch | Stereoview                                    

Thanks to the 3D wonder of Magic Eye, people of all ages find themselves spellbound by the hidden images that suddenly are leaping from book pages, greeting cards, calendars, even T-shirts and mugs. This colorful Magic Eye book guides gazers through 23 different 3D, computer-generated illustrations. Complete instructions, including two detailed viewing techniques, will have them searching for visual surprises through beautifully executed, full-page designs. Expand your Magic Eye vision and watch the wonderful happen!