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LG launches a new series of high quality 3D displays
January 15, 2012

Meanwhile there is hardly any big display manufacturer with no choice of 3D stereoscopic displays in their products range. LG Electronics today is one of the leading innovators.

LGs assortment contains numerous stereoscopic 3D displays and TV sets. Also they are offering 3D notebook computers, stereoscopic projectors and even smart phones with (auto-) stereo display. 3D TV sets from LG are available in different technological versions: LCD, LED or even Plasma and they come in any size.

Being one of the first, LG provided consumer 3D displays not only with active shutter galsses but also using passive polarization technology. Thus the user can take advantage of cheap passive 3D glasses which are used in most 3D cinemas today.

Another nice feature: The new series of LGs 3D TV sets comes virtually frameless which reduces the overall display size in relation to the screen size. It is said that having such a small screen frame reduces the stereo window effect. So the 3D viewing comfort can be increased.


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