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3D test pattern generator Doremi GENeration-3D
March 05, 2012

Doremi is well known for producing high end digital cinema server. For precise adjustments of 3D screens and such it is necessary to have appropriate 3D test patterns. Thus, Doremi developed a machine called GENeration 3D.

The Generation3D is a 3D test pattern generator featuring a pre-loaded internal 3D test pattern as well as custom user generated 3D test patterns which can be loaded via SD card.

The GENeration3D is capable of accommodating all 3D formats like Dual Stream, Side by Side, Top/Bottom, Line by Line, Checkerboard and Full Resolution Frame Packing. Doremi´s test pattern generator accept a wide spectrum of video formats including 2K 24fps and 1080p up to 60 fps. It outputs via Single or Dual Stream HDSDI, 3G SDI or Single HDMI.

The GENeration3D also boasts genlock capabilities and multiple output color modes.


Doremi GENeration 3D Test Generator
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