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This section contains lots of 3D gadgets, stereoscopic tools as well as stereo-3D software and many other related stuff. Furthermore you will find internet links to stereoscopic forums in order to talk to other 3D infected people and also there is a stereoscopic news area, delivering the most influencing 3D news.



Stereoscopic calculators are very useful tools. These little helpers can optimize and speed up 3D shootings of all kinds. You can use 3D calculators to compute all important parameters like stereo base, convergence, distances, focal length - and some will show you the roundness factor or even a depth analysis.
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Stereoscopic adjustments

You have captured fantastic 3D images but they are not 100 percent perfect in terms of geometry, colors or depth adjustment? No worries, there are many options for adjusting and correcting 3D images. Click here to learn more about it.


S3d software

Stereoscopic 3D-related software? There are countless tools and programs to be found online, many for desktop computers but also many mobile phone apps.
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Here you can find some interesting articles about stereoscopic 3D.


3D forums

Stereoscopic 3D enthusiast? You are not alone. Find like-minded people and join the stereoscopic internet forum. You can get your questions answered or even help other people out. Share your 3D knowledge and learn even more about Stereo-3D.
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Always stay tuned on 3D stereoscopic news and never miss any important 3D novelty.